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Install OpenFOAM on workstation

Install OpenFOAM on workstation published on No Comments on Install OpenFOAM on workstation

0. Install gcc, mpich

1. Download from

2. Put the source file and thirdparty file in the /scratch/***/OpenFOAM, unzip both

3. Modify etc/cshrc:
set foamInstall = /scratch/***/$WM_PROJECT
if use mpich, modify accordingly. remember add mpich directory to default system include/library environment.

4. Download and install boost as

5. Set WM_NCOMPPROCS for parallel compiling

6. Install openfoam as:

7. To install paraview4, we need qt-4.8. However, even we indicate the library directory to our compiled qt, there is still problem says:
...undefined reference to `QListData::detach_grow(int*, int)'...
So we will compile the qt under thirdparty directory.

8. download qt-4.8.6 from

9. unzip in the ThirdParty directory, modify makeQt accordingly, and run to compile

10. Now we can compile paraview by
makeParaview4 -qt-4.8.6