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安装meshlab心得 published on No Comments on 安装meshlab心得


1. 下载vcglib 1.01,
这是一个header file only的库,不用安装

2. 选择相应meshlab版本,V2016.12,

3. 按照readme里面的提示放置。qt需要5.8版本,设置好路径

4. 安装
cd src/external/

cd src/

5. 出错
Cannot find file: /home/nicklj/Platform/thirdparty/meshlab/src/plugins_experimental/io_TXT/
make: *** [sub-plugins_experimental-io_TXT-make_first-ordered] Error 2
mv plugins_experimental/io_TXT/ plugins_experimental/io_TXT/

5. 继续出错
/usr/bin/ld: ../../external/lib/linux-g++/libmpir.a(lt4-clear.o): unrecognized relocation (0x2a) in section `.text'

LibMpir is an external library that could be a little tricky to compile (that's particularly true on Windows...a lot easier on Linux), so we provide inside the MeshLab source code an already compile version of the library itself. Obviously that approach could be dangerous, considering the wide range of the compilers existing. If you are interested in the plugin I suggest you to:

download the mpir 2.4.0 source code from the mpir official site
call ./configure --enable-cxx --enable-static --with-pic in the extracted library folder
call ./make
move the generated mpir.h and mpirxx.h in src\external\inc\linux-g++\mpir-2.4.0
move the static libs libmpir.a and libmpirxx.a in src\external\lib\linux-g+(be careful the files are compiled in a hidden folder if you have the "don't show hidden folders" file browser option set to true you can waste an afternoon, as it happens to me, to find the compiled libs 😀 )
try to compile again the filter_csg plugin in MeshLab


6. make meshlab, 搞定

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